Coil Coatings

Eurodec Paints is a rapidly growing company in coil coatings. having wide range of products for various applications such as

Building :-

Metal Roof, Wall Panels, Column Covers, Rainware, etc.

Appliances :-

Refrigerators, Washing Machine, Lighting Fixtures, etc.

All these applications require special properties to handle interior & exterior extreme conditions such as flexibility, color fastness & durability.

We offer following products :

Top Coats

Products Product Code
Regular Modified Polyester (RMP) Duratop 100
Super Modified Polyester (SMP) Duratop 200
Super Durable Polyester (SDP) Duratop 300
Unicoat Polyester (Single Coat) Duratop 400

Introducing new range :-

Super Cooler Polyester (SCP)Duratop 500
Unicoat Low DFT Low PMT Polyester Duratop 600
Aquacoat (Waterbase Acrylic)Duratop 700


PU PrimerDuraprime 1

Back Coat

PU/PE Back Coat Duraback 10
Epoxy Back Coat Duraback 20



why eurodec ?

Here are few reasons for why choose us

  • quality
  • timely delivery
    Timely Delivery
  • technical services
    Technical Services
  • low inventory
    Low Inventory
  • innovation
  • upgradation