Industrial Liquid Coatings


Manufacturing customised & quality Industrial Coatings that Work for a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

We committed to helping you meet the needs of your most demanding environments, from harsh weather to chemical exposure to wide temperature variation and more.

Designed to be easily applied by brush, roller or spray and available in a wide array of colors and gloss levels, our industrial coatings are formulated to provide superior performance with a long life cycle.

industrial paint

General Industrial Coatings

  • Stoving Paints & Primer
  • Air Drying Cum Stoving Paints
  • Air Drying Synthetic Paints & Primers
  • QD Paints & Primers
  • FD Paints
industrial paint

Automotive Coatings

  • TSA paint in Metallic, Transparent & Solid Finishes
  • PU Paint For Plastic & Metal
  • Transparent & Solid Finishes


    industrial paint
  • TSA Thinner
  • Electro static Thinner
  • GP Thinner
  • Epoxy Thinner
  • P.0 Thinner

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Here are few reasons for why choose us

  • quality
  • timely delivery
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  • low inventory
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  • innovation
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